Project Energy Sustainability

Project Energy Sustainability

Energy Sustainability
Implementation period: 06.2010 – 11.2012
Assistance program: Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE)
Project number: IEE/09/667/SI2.558230

Project description:

European Network of Information Centres Energy Sustainability and CO2 reduction among local COMmunities ENESCOM

Increasing the role of local communities in mitigating climate change by creating a common methodology, which will contribute to capacity building for sustainable management / energy management and adoption of smart policies for local strategies for renewable energy (CO2 reduction) in the local community of European states.

The project will promote the integration and institutionalization in these communities, the issue of energy efficiency, savings and renewable energy sources, by establishing partnership with various actors (public administration, business, citizens).

The main objective will be achieved through:

  • promotion of Mayors Initiative (Covenant of Mayors), and facilitation to join local and regional authorities of the countries participating in the project to this initiative and formalize the activities of other public and private parties under the Agreement;
  • estimate the amount of intelligent energy use and demand in the involved countries to develop and implement comprehensive plans to use the Intelligent (Sustainable) Energy, according to the specific area based on intelligent policy of energy efficiency, capable of generating the concept of sustainable energy development;
  • creating teaching methods and the dissemination of knowledge among stakeholders;
  • improve the skills of local authorities and politicians in the elaboration of the intelligent energy use plans and in implementing relevant laws and regulations;
  • provide a basis for knowledge transfer;

The results of the project

  • Increase the number of communities involved in the fight against climate change, by aiming to reduce CO2 emissions, energy conservation, increase in energy consumption from renewable sources and employment growth in the renewable energy sector.
  • Establish Action Plan for Intelligent Energy in the areas involved in the project in accordance with the guidelines of Mayors.
  • Develop tools and services for local communities to inform and advice on renewable energy, competitiveness, innovation and ways of integration and institutionalization of the intelligent use of energy in each area of activity.

Target group

  • Business, industry, public administration, politicians,
  • Planners, engineers.


  • Unione di Comuni Valle del Samoggia (Italy),
  • Assocjazzjoni Kunsilli Lokali (Malta),
  • Kelet-magyarországi európai Kezdeményezések Alapitvány (Hungary),
  • České vysoké učení technické v Praze (Czech Republic),
  • Anaptiksiaki Dimotiki Epichirisi Patras S.A. (Greece),
  • Progresit, občianske združenie (Slovakia),
  • Regionalna razvojna agencija Mura d.o.o. (Slovenia),
  • Iniciativas Casmor S.L. (Spain),
  • Powys County Council (United Kingdom),
  • Agentia Pentru Dezvoltare Regional Centru (Romania),
  • Fédération Regionale des Centres d’Initiatives pour l’Agriculture Valoriser et le Milieu Rural de Bretagne (France),
  • INFORMED – Udruga for poticanje zapošljavanja, stručnog usavršavanja and obrazovanja (Hungary),
  • Agencia Energia Cascais (Portugal).