Section of social-economic analysis.

Section conducts its own research in the field of social and economic sciences. Former activity of the Section has allowed to create analytical materials that concern the phenomenon of homelessness of children and youth, as well as the analysis of economic condition of households. Current members of the Section, before the section even came into being, were taking active part in work of experts who were dealing with analysis of making use of the diverse sources of energy in order to reduce the emission of CO2. Section permanently collaborates with the Section of Modern Computer Technologies and Social Media in the extent of science analysis of social phenomena and in the extent of using computer devices and modern communication media. The Section is planning to develop its range of activities in the extent of: analysis of social phenomena dealing with households, analysis of economic condition and strategy of enterprises as well as analysis of consumers’ attitude.
Works created as an effect of science research activity are in the folder “Publications”.

Section of Modern Computer Technologies and Social Media.

Section supervises works connected with a wide range of use of modern computer technologies as well as the use of social media. Previous activity of the Section has allowed to implement many computer solutions in projects executed by the Association. Among them are those, which concern the field of so called Social Media. Prospect of the development of Section is aimed at support of realization of computer processes in the Association, as well as support of entrepreneurs. The Section takes also an active part in popularization of issues connected with computer technologies among children and youth.