ET-NEETs – Effective Training for NEETs

ET-NEETs – Effective Training for NEETs

Implementation period: 09.2014 – 08.2016
Assistance program: ERASMUS+
Project number: 2014-1-UK01-KA204-000029

Project description:

ET-NEETs project is a response to the lack of systemic mechanism for the exchange of good practices in support of people known as NEETs, ie outside employment, education or training.
Following the recommendations of the European Commission partnership in this project would also help NEETs in raising the 8 key competences.
The main objective of the ET-NEETs is to provide innovative support, guidance and providing a significant impact on the quality of training offered by the teachers and educators of young people in difficulty (NEETs).


  • The development of a common framework for identifying indicators to measure the effective training. You will now be possible to provide educational institutions with instruments to measure the impact and effectiveness of the training they provide.
  • Creating an online platform, which will include a “best practice” in relation to training programs for NEET at European level.
  • Develop training materials for teachers and trainers working with NEETs.

Target group
This project sets out three main target groups:

  • Group A: organizations that are directly related to the level of NEETs procedures and management-driven support, local governments and related departments of social services, large foundations etc.
  • Group B: NGOs, charities, small and medium-sized enterprises, training institutions, teachers and trainers who provide specialized training on behalf of the group A.
  • Group C: NEETs – people outside employment, education or training, are the main beneficiaries of the project ET-NEETs.


  • Teachsport Management Ltd. – London, UK;
  • Sea Teach S.L. – Cala Do’r, Spain;
  • Lewisham Young Mayor – London, UK;
  • Centrum Wspierania Edukacji i Przedsiębiorczości – Rzeszow, Poland