Project PsyConsult

Project PsyConsult
Implementation period: 01.08.2009 – 31.07.2011
Assistance program: DG Edukacja i Kultura Program Uczenie się przez całe życie Leonardo da Vinci
Project number: 2009-1-AT1-LEO04-01500 3

Project description:

To support psychologists working as counselors, through the creation of the course for this target group, and website.

The project results from the perceived problems in the process of psychologists education (limited to theoretical knowledge and teaching abilities at the expense of clients / patients) and specificity of working as a professional counsellor. The main objective of the project was achieved through establishing cooperation between European institutions involved in the labour market, the exchange of knowledge and good practices in the field of professional counselling, which in turn has lead to the creation of a training course for psychologists counselors.

The results of the project

Created course and website for the target group.

Target group

Psychologists, including self-employed.


  • Karriere Club (Austria),
  • OAKE Europe (United Kingdom),
  • Arbes Gesellshaft für Arbeitsförderung, Beschäftigung und Strukturentwicklung mbH (Germany).