Project Podcasting

Implementation period: 01.10.2011 – 15.06.2013
Assistance program: Regionalny Program Operacyjny Województwa Podkarpackiego
Project number: UDA-RPPK.01.02.00-18-001/10-00

Project description:

Learning without borders: podcasting across the wider Europe

Following joint research into the new approaches to learning needed to support students who, for differing reasons, cannot access lifelong learning by full-time attendance at a local training centre, Leeds City College has worked with partners from Greece, Latvia, Poland and Romania.

The aims of the project were to:

  • Review the use of podcasting (audio/media broadcasting over the internet) to promote independently accessed learning for a wide range of target audiences disadvantaged in their access to learning, eg by disability, geographical location or working patterns;
  • Develop appropriate resources / standard protocols to meet the growing demand for a flexible approach to learning by a growing number of learners who need to fit working life into the framework of learning new skills;
  • Involve students from each partner organisation to meet the first two aims of the project and to develop their own employability skills – commitment, self-confidence, team working, use of own initiative – all in demand by employers across Europe.

The results of the project
PThe project was disseminated through the project blog and facebook; in addition, each country followed the Project Dissemination Action Plan to maximise national awareness of the project (copies of all supporting documentation in Report Annexes).


  • e-learning platform:, created by Action Synergy (the Greek partner of the project) which hosted details of the assignments and tasks of the students as well as the project documentation,
  • blog for use by students:, was created with the use of the “blogger” platform,
  • Facebook page of the, the project created a facebook page in order to maintain informal communication and contacts between its members,
  • Technical Handbook: Created to provide guidelines and instructions on how to use the tools which have been used and / or developed for the project,
  • student visit documentation which was used to support student participation in each visit to show the “distance travelled”,

Target group

  • organizations carrying out educational activities for adults,
  • organizations or centers vocational training,
  • vocational schools.


  • Park Lane College Leeds (UK),
  • UETP Action Link / Action Synergy S.A.(Greece),
  • Riga Teacher Training & Educational Management Academy (Latvia),
  • Vilnius Pedagogical University (Lithuania),
  • Grup Scolar Dimitrie Leonida Petrosani (Romania).