No Cyberbullying at the School!

No Cyberbullying at the School!

Implementation period: 19.09.2016 – 18.09.2018
Assistance program: ERASMUS+
Project number: 2016-1-TR01-KA201-034233

Project description:

The main aim of the project was to raise awareness against cyberbullying, to learn what had been done regarding the prevention of tyranny and using it for the sake of partner schools in Partners’ countries.

To achieve this goal, the project Partners established that they would conduct several trainings (LTTAs) devoted for partners and target group members (teachers). During the LTTAs, participants learned about cyberbullying, the ways to prevent this danger and methods of helping the victims and their families. During the project realization, Partners developed the website and created social media accounts (on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) to publish the useful information about this phenomenon.
Within the project, an e-book including of the information and activities and results carried out was prepared. For a better recognition and stronger dissemination effect, Partners used eTwinning platform to share the information and project’s results, and created “eTwinning corner” in each Partner’s organization.

  • Faik Erbagi Ortaokulu – Ankara, Turkey (coordinator)
  • Stowarzyszenie „Centrum Wspierania Edukacji i Przedsiębiorczości” – Rzeszów, Poland
  • Ud’Anet Srl – Torrevecchia Teatina, Italy
  • Agrupamento de Escolas de Moure e Ribeira do Neiva – Vila Verde, Portugal
  • Ankara Milli Egitim Mudurlugu – Ankara, Turkey
Project website: