Interview Champ

Interview Champ

Interview Champ

Implementation period: 01-10-2018 – 31-03-2020
Assistance program: ERASMUS+
Project number: 2018-1-UK01-KA202-047939

Project description:

This project aims to help young disadvantaged job seekers to get selected and perform better during job interviews and thereby increase their chances of entering the labour market.

This project proposal is the follow up project and complimentary to the 2014-2016 ET-NEETs (Effective Training for NEETS) Erasmus+ project which collected a large amount of data from NEETs, including the information that amongst other reasons, 73% described problems with job interviews as a major obstacle of getting into employment.
The project therefore addresses as it’s main target groups:

  • Young disadvantaged job seekers (16 to 24 years old) with little or no work experience, qualifications or training (including NEETs),
  • Employers, recruitment agencies and job centres,
  • VET institutions.

The project will develop two main outputs constituting a set of training tools:

  • The Interview Champ APP: it will be designed to interactively coach job seekers to better present themselves, their skills and character to potential employers. It will offer a participative training course that will present a range of example interview questions and answers and interview techniques (in video) on how to better perform during the job interview.
    The APP will also have the unique facility for the user to create a short high quality ‘Living Video CV’ of themselves that can be uploaded onto the projects Job Portal for potential employers to view the individual in a more representative and comprehensive way.
  • The Job Portal: it will be part of the projects website and allow uploads of Living CV videos created by the job seekers for potential employers to view in order to aid the pre-interview selection process of potential candidates.
    During the term of the project, selected employers will be invited to view and respond in a critical way to the video CVs’ that have been produced. This response will provide important feedback and tips for the job seekers to improve their presentation skills before the next face to face job interview. The Portal will also be used as a place to find employment.
  • Sea Teach S.L. – Spain
  • Teachsport Management Ltd – UK
Project website: