Implementation period: 01.10.2018 – 31.12.2019
Project number: 601453-CITIZ-1-2018-1-ES-CITIZ-CIV

Project description: 

Euroscepticism is a complex reality, ranging from economic to cultural issues, characterised by various levels of intensity. The phenomenon is fuelled by entities and media across Europe that contribute to creating misinformation. Typical examples are “that the EU consist only of unelected bureaucrats”. The problem is apparently a lack of understanding of how the EU works and a need of critical thinking.

The EUAwareness project aims to identify through a survey the more common euro myths of each region involved, debunk them, open up debate for all those ideas without any prejudice and finally show the EU mechanism available to get involved in Europe’s policymaking.

The project pursues four objectives:

  • To understand from the target group itself the most common misconceptions that are currently underlying Euroscepticism.
  • To develop innovative activities that provide factual information regarding the identified misconceptions.
  • To create and activate local debates around these issues and the future of Europe, which will assure long-term viability to this initiative.
  • Show to EU citizens the tools available to shape the future of the EU they want.

As to comply with these objectives, the partnership is planning to develop a transnational survey to identify and compare misconceptions, a tailor-made international communication campaign, 30 debates and 30 webinars.


    • Centre for Education – Cala d’Or, Hiszpania
    • CWEP – Rzeszów, Polska
    • TUCEP – Perugia, Włochy
    • Assemblea Legislativa Regione Umbria – Perugia, Włochy
    • Videnscenter for Integration – Vejle, Dania
    • Clube Intercultural Europeu – Amadora, Portugalia
Project website: 
Click HERE to download the EU Awareness Project report of event participation.