Implementation period: 01.01.2013 – 31.03.2015
Assistance program: Regional Operational Programme – Subcarpathian Voivodeship
Project number: UDA-RPPK.01.02.00-18-001/12-00

Project description:

The project was aimed at entrepreneurs in the SME sector and large companies interested in obtaining a consultative support in the operation of their own businesses through the operation of analytical information portal.

Using the portal following services are provided:

  1. analysis of branch trends,
  2. analysis of consumer attitudes and preferences regarding the product,
  3. strategic analysis of the enterprise.

The results of the project

  • creation of analytic portal for SME and large enterprises,
  • provision of advisory services in the field of branch trends analysis, consumer attitudes and preferences regarding product and strategic analysis of the company.

Target group

Enterprises in the SME sector and large companies from across the Subcarpathian region wishing to make business analysis of their activities.


  • Foundation Science for Industry and Environment,
  • Lesser Poland Institute of Economics in Rzeszow,
  • Association for Women „VICTORIA”.
Website: api.cwep.eu