Implementation period: 01.11.2022 – 31.10.2024
Project number: 2022-1-BE01-KA220-ADU-000089394

Assistance program: Erasmus+

Project description:

The project aims to bring this innovative concept of VALORISTE agent to other European countries where it is not implemented. Another innovative aspect of the VALORISTE project is also the voluntary and community approaches. On one hand, it aims to value individuals from socially vulnerable groups who will perform these tasks voluntarily, hopefully giving shape to their own entrepreneurial projects in this area. On the other hand, these agents can contribute to their communities and be recognised for that, contributing to their better social integration.

VALORISTE project aims to:

– develop an innovative and attractive training curriculum focused on sustainability and CE; – improve the development of low-qualified adults/adults from socially vulnerable groups’ competences in subjects that are strategic for sustainable development;

– boost low-qualified adults/adults from socially vulnerable groups volunteering mindset to CE related activities;

– produce a toolkit with vignettes on andragogy and education for volunteering in CE;

– contribute to the development of educational and training competences of adult educators, Valoriste Agents and other practitioners involved in CE;

– raise awareness and implementation of personal and community CE practices.

Target group

  • Low qualified adults
  • Adult educators

Project results

  • R1: VALORISTE training programme – An innovative and flexible training programme for future VALORISTE volunteers with six training modules encompassed in two core areas; sustainable development through circular economy and becoming a Valoriste volunteer
  • R2: VALORISTE toolkit – to support adult educators, Valoriste Agents and other practitioners involved in the circular economy
  • R3: VALORISTE Digital stories and MOOC – video-based Digital Stories showcasing best practices on the topics covered in training programme all available on MOOC


  • De Bouche à Oreille – Thimister, Belgium (coordinator)
  • Forum Citoyens – Burgers asbl – Brussels, Belgium
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory IDA – Lisboa, Portugal
  • Centre for Education and Entrepreneurship Support – Rzeszów, Poland
  • IASIS – Athens, Greece
  • OU Vestifex – Narva-Jõesuu, Estonia
  • The Rural Hub CLG – Carrickmacross, Ireland
  • People Help the People – Palermo, Italy