SOURCE Teaching and visual methods for online instructors

SOURCE Teaching and visual methods for online instructors

Implementation period: 01.11.2022 – 31.10.2024
Assistance program: ERASMUS+
Project number: 2022-1-RS01-KA220-ADU-000088577

Project description:

The SOURCE consortium consists of partners actively involved in providing structured and semi-formal learning experiences. During the preparatory discussions, the main finding was that educators lack the digital competence and skills to move beyond the flat delivery of online learning and provide engaging and participatory learning experiences.

The SOURCE project focuses on improving the digital competence of educators to design and deliver engaging online learning experiences. There is strong evidence that distance learning is the dominant process and will remain so. According, Times Higher Education’, on the outlook for higher education from the perspective of leaders of the world’s major universities in 2018, it is predicted that by 2030, the majority of prestigious universities will offer their full courses online. Until recently, most online courses have been dictated by technology. However, it is important to understand that online teaching is not a purely technological issue and, to be effective, it is more than just delivering a course face to face through another medium.

Target group

  • Experts in adult learning – adult trainers, instructors, facilitators, educators, mentors coaches providing online learning services and remote teaching, curriculum designers experts, educational technologists;
  • lifelong learners, trainees or upskilling/reskilling;
  • training managers that focus on managerial aspects, including curriculum assessment, learning systems, quality assurance and administration;
  • eLearning industry;
  • policymakers, educational leaders;
  • the general public, individual professionals.

Project results

The main results of the project will be the creation of:

Online Instructors – best practices, skills and competences :

Identification and analysis of current best practices in educational technologies and remote teaching. This is collaborative desk research on a national, European and international level.

Design and development of training material:

The development of the SOURCE curriculum clearly stating aims and outcomes, programme outlines, learning objectives and intended learning outcomes, methods of delivering, identification of appropriate learning components to promote efficient learning, etc.

Pilot the SOURCE MOOC:

An online dedicated space (Training Platform) to host the SOURCE training material. It will draw on the concepts of

microlearning in terms of functionalities, self-paced learning, the granularity of topics and ideas, diversified strategies and learning sequences and modes of learning. The SOURCE team will use existing infrastructure and deploy open source technologies to minimize costs.

Project website:


  • UMOVI EVROPE (Serbia – coordinator)
  • LABC S.R.L. (Italy)