Report from the conference “Children Rough Sleepers”

Report from the conference “Children Rough Sleepers”


Conference held on 27 November 20014 in Malopolska School of Economics in Tarnow, entitled “Children Rough Sleepers”, which was organized jointly by Malopolska School of Economics and Association „Center for Education and Enterprise Support” in Rzeszow. Conferences prevailed CWEP project run by CRS – Children Rough Sleepers, funded with support from the European Commission on the Daphne III programme.

The conference was a summary of the project and was attended by over 150 people, most of them took an active part in the debate summarizing the conference. Honorary Patronage of the conference were: the Ombudsman for Children, President of Tarnow and the Polish Association Janusz Korczak (Warsaw) and the event is also supported loft and preventive aid institutions: Social Welfare Centre in Tarnow, Institutions Service Centre Caring and Education in Tarnow, Tarnowski Crisis Intervention Center and Support Victims of Domestic Violence, the Police Headquarters in Tarnow and the Municipal Police in Tarnow.

The conference was opened by the Rector MWSE in Tarnow – Prof. Michal Wozniak, further sessions led by Assoc. prof. Jan Rajmund Pasko (MWSE) and Maciej Markowicz (CWEP).

During the first session, participants were presented the results of research conducted during the project CRS – Children Rough Sleepers and scientific papers of lecturers of MWSE. The second session was devoted to practical aspects. Presentations were given by representatives of partner institutions.

Conference was an opportunity for the exchange of theoretical and practical experiences of people and institutions working with children at risk of social exclusion, and its main objectives were eg. getting to know the scale of homeless children in Poland and an indication of the most common reasons (family breakdown, addiction parents / guardians, experiencing psychological, physical and /or sexual); increase awareness of the problem of children mentally, physically and socially disadvantaged and homeless because of the escape or thrown out of the house; presentation of “good practices” used by institutions and preventive assistance for homeless children and fleeing from the house.

The conference met with great interest and positive response from the participants. The debate was attended representatives of institutions who helped children and young people, as well as representatives of the authorities, lectkonferenecajurers and students of the Malopolska School of Economics in Tarnow.

It was a big organizational and meritis event, I hope it’s the beginning of cooperation of Association “Center for Education and Enterprise Support” in Rzeszow and preventive institutions in Tarnow – says Maciej Markowicz chairman of conference, a member of the association CWEP.

About the CRS project can be read here. All interested are invited to the project page

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