MC VIEW – Media literacy and Critical VIEWing as effective outreach to learning throughout  life by people with fewer opportunities

MC VIEW – Media literacy and Critical VIEWing as effective outreach to learning throughout life by people with fewer opportunities

Implementation period: 01.11.2021 – 30.11.2023
Assistance program: ERASMUS+
Project number: 2021-1-PL01-KA220-ADU-000033539

Project description:

The actual and appropriate use of new technologies depends on achieving a level of competence in this area, since disinformation as false, inaccurate or misleading can cause harm to our society. There is therefore a need for specific media literacy initiatives that provide the ability to think critically and detect disinformation. This project aims to develop tools that help the target audience interpret the internal content of a programme, interpret its design, recognise external forces and factors shaping the programme, compare media representations with reality and respond to the potential impact of television form and content. What is needed here is systemic action and support for both adults and their educators. In this context, the project is also innovative for the whole partnership.

Target groups:

The target groups of the MC-VIEW project are members of disadvantaged groups (low-skilled, unemployed, adults at risk of poverty, etc.) and adult educators. Moreover, the project will create tools for institutions that support and care for disadvantaged adults, such as: adult education centres; social welfare institutions, adult schools, third age universities, associations supporting disadvantaged adults and fighting against social exclusion, as well as local and regional government education departments and adult educators.

Project results:

PR1: Self-study course “MC-VIEW” training materials. PR2: Personalised approach to media literacy in the digital environment. Together it will be a comprehensive online and personalised media skills training within the “Centre” application, which will act as an artificial intelligence-based set of mechanisms and algorithms that, through a profiling session, will be able to organise all training content in the most effective way for specific users. The result will be the ability to create individual and tailored learning paths, ensuring a better quality of the learning process.

Project Partner:

Institute of Pedagogy University of Rzeszów – Rzeszów, Poland (Coordinator)

Centre for Supporting Education and Entrepreneurship “CWEP” – Rzeszów, Poland

Mindshift Talent Advisory lda – Lisbon, Portugal

LABC S.R.L. – Turin, Italy



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