MASTERS – Make ApprenticeShip aTtractive in European SMEs

MASTERS – Make ApprenticeShip aTtractive in European SMEs

Implementation period: 01.10.2019 – 30.09.2021
Assistance program: ERASMUS+
Project number: 2019-1-RO01-KA202-063055

Project description:

MASTERS wants to promote apprenticeship in small and micro enterprises, developing and validating a set of practical and methodological tools to support the professional development of in-company tutors operating in SMEs, VET trainers and job counsellors, so as to allow them to implement efficient and high quality apprenticeship programs.

The following results will be created and implemented by the end of the project implementation period:

  • Research on the role of in company tutors and job counsellors for WBL, specifically apprenticeship.
  • Curriculum programmes for in-company tutors (SMEs) and job counsellors working with apprenticeships.
  • MASTERS online training course.
  • Toolkit for the recognition and validation of informal and non-formal learning acquired through WBL schemes.
  • MASTERS in-Company PILOT BLENDED action programme and Self-Directed Learning Guide.

Direct and indirect project target groups include:

  • In-company apprenticeship mentors,
  • Job counsellors/practitioners,
  • SMEs,
  • European organisations,
  • Centre of competencies validation,
  • Youth employment organizations,
  • Apprentices in European companies,
  • Vocational Education & Training Providers,
  • Apprenticeship related institutions,
  • Human resources specialists,
  • Teachers, students, deans, rectors from Business Management courses,
  • Learners involved in apprenticeship schemes.

Project website:


  • Project Coordinator – Romanian National Council of Small and Medium Private Enterprises – Arad Branch, Romania
  • ERIFO Vocational Educational Training– Rome, Italy
  • FYG Consultores – Valencia, Spain
  • Istituto Istruzione Superiore Via Sarandì – Rome, Italy
  • The Centre for Education and Entrepreneurship Support – Rzeszow, Poland
  • Rzeszow Regional Development Agency in Poland – Rzeszow, Poland