LTE – Libraries of Things Europe

LTE – Libraries of Things Europe

Implementation period: 01.03.2021 – 28.02.2023
Assistance program: ERASMUS+
Project number: 2020-1-UK01-KA227-ADU-094688

Project description:

Project ‘Libraries of Things – LoT’, members can borrow for free, or at a low cost, from a range of items. This gives people the opportunity to participate in a circular economy and learn more about climate change. Project goals are creating an online interactive platform to catalogue information and resources from LoTs in other countries and offer advice to others in Europe to set up an LoT and to disseminate the findings of the project.

Target group

  • Adults who are interested in the topics of environment, recycling and the sharing economy;
  • People with fewer opportunities, facing economic, social and cultural obstacles;
  • Adult educators.

Project results

Project Platform:

  • A set of video tutorials that would explain the principles of LoTs;
  • Country-specific information on how the LoTs can be established;
  • Steps towards establishing a LoTs;
  • An open catalogue/registry where different LoTs from different countries where organisations can post their details along with important information;
  • A map that would show the LoTs across Europe and beyond.

Libraries of Things Guide:

  • Workshops which will show the benefits of an LoT;
  • Creation and running of a start up programme in each country for anyone who wants to set up a LoT including meeting existing LoTs;
  • E-guide – detailed information on the skills and competencies of that setting up a LoT might offer to target groups.

Project website:


  • VsI Ziniu kodas – Lithuania
  • Centrum Wspierania Edukacji i Przedsiębiorczości (CWEP) – Poland
  • Transition Stirling – Scotland