Includeup: Inclusive Digital Entrepreneurship Educators for Migrants

Includeup: Inclusive Digital Entrepreneurship Educators for Migrants

Implementation period: 01.02.2023 – 31.01.2025
Assistance program: ERASMUS+
Project number: 2022-1-BE02-KA220-ADU-000085009
Field: Cooperation partnerships in adult education

Project description:

INCLUDEUP project has been set up for adult education including partners from a cross sectoral way on the international level to find solutions for the need to support the migrants.

RESCUE main topics

  • INCLUDEUP objectives include:
    • Determine the critical components of teaching digital entrepreneurship as a skill to adults with migratory origins.
    • Determine what training adult educators in digital entrepreneurship need.
    • Describe the components in order to create a shared conceptual model for educators working in the field of digital entrepreneurial learning to use when working with individuals from migrant backgrounds.
    • Identification of a list of learning outcomes that indicate what educators working with individuals with migratory origins should know, understand, and be able to accomplish in order to demonstrate a specific degree of proficiency in digital entrepreneurship.
    • Assessment of the critical components of digital entrepreneurship instruction and the effects for adults with migrant backgrounds.
    • Development of a multilingual concept tailored to the needs of educators on digital entrepreneurship for adults with a migrant background.
    • Creation of a model and technique that fits the theoretical and practical demands of adult educators.
    • Offering adult educators an online community.

    INCLUDEUP target audience

    • Educators working with low skilled adults with migrant backgrounds
    • Low skilled adults with migrant backgrounds
    • NGOs
    • Adult Education Centres
    • Secondary actors: Public Administrations and Local Authorities

    INCLUDEUP project results

    1. Digital Entrepreneurship Competence Framework
    2. Digital Entrepreneurship Open Learning Platform
    3. Online Educator Community


    INCLUDEUP website:


    UCLL – Belgium – project coordinator

    The Square Dot team – Belgium

    Formazione e Comunione Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus (FO.CO.) – Italy

    Innomate Ldt. – Türkiye

    Centre For Education And Entrepreneurship Support – Rzeszow (Poland) – it’s us 😊

    bit Schulungscenter GmbH – Austria