EDU4Food: “Educating youth towards sustainable, healthy and equitable food systems”

Implementation period: 01.03.2023 – 28.02.2026
Project number: 2023-2-PL01-KA220-YOU-000178863

Field: Youth
Project description

The EDU4Food project focuses on developing competencies in sustainable food-relevant sectors and promoting deep knowledge of the main pillars of the Farm to Fork Strategy through educational modules as well as activities, methodologies, and lesson plans that align with sustainability goals. Through the deliverables produced, the project supports the testing of innovative practices that prepare young learners, youth workers, and the participating staff to embrace sustainable behaviours. This includes encouraging resource-saving practices, reducing energy consumption and waste, offsetting carbon footprints, and promoting sustainable choices in food production and consumption. The project also emphasizes behavioural changes at an individual level, targeting preferences, consumption habits, and lifestyles that align with the principles of the New European Bauhaus initiative. Additionally, the initiative aims to enhance the sustainability competencies of youth workers, reinforcing their capacity to promote environmental sustainability within their respective institutions.

Strengthening the employability of young people The EDU4Food initiative contributes to strengthening the employability of young people through its focus on education and skill development. By providing knowledge on the Farm to Fork Strategy and by presenting entrepreneurial success stories, case studies, and career opportunities within the sustainable food system, the project seeks to inspire and motivate young people towards developing sustainable food systems and achieving environmental stewardship. By fostering a deeper understanding of the food system and promoting sustainable practices, the project aims to empower young people, including those facing social and economic challenges, to become active participants in the transition towards a more sustainable and equitable food future.

Edu4Food project results

  • Training Package including educational modules on the Farm to Fork strategy, case studies, career opportunities, sustainable recipes and cooking videos, quizzes, game + Activity guide
  • Interactive Space with two Profiles providing access to WP2 material in an interactive format including an e-learning system, assessment and certification procedure and resources repository + Piloting sessions
  • Local Initiatives on food education including workshops, expos, farm visits.

Edu4Food partners

  • CROSSING BORDERS – Denmark (Project coordinator)
  • KAINOTOMIA & SIA EE – Greece
  • E-JUNIORS – France
  • CWEP – Poland (it is us)