Digital Mentor Power- DMP

Digital Mentor Power- DMP

Implementation period: 01.03.2021 – 28.02.2023
Assistance program: ERASMUS+
Project number: 2020-1-TR01-KA226-VET-098418

Project description:

38% of the current Teachers workforce are over 50 years and are less condifent and more fearful of using Digital tools (Eurostat, 2020). Graduate teachers want more and better training to face the social challenges and inexperience they are confronted with. Collaborative School culture is the solution! (Eurodyce,2020). Therefore, need for the digitalization of the education system is a EU-Wide fact (Index of Readiness for Digital Lifelong Learning). The Digital Mentor Power Project aims to improve the learning process in EU schools by enhancing the digital skills and competences of European Teachers through the development of the Digital Mentor Power Platform! This goal will be reached by:
1) identifying teachers who are skilled in a range of digital skills and different digital tools. We call these, Digital Mentors.
2) identifying teachers who need digital training. In return, these teachers will support their often-unexperienced colleagues with resources and advice regarding pedagogical methods. We call these, Pedagogical Experts

Target Group:

  • Teachers
  • Learners

Project’s Results:

Digital Mentor Power Platform- an innovative tool that will enable experienced teachers (Pedagogical Experts – PE) to learn technological competencies and find new ways to tailor technology to their specific subject by exchanging knowledge in a “peer learning” concept with novel teachers (Digital Mentors-DM) who are skilled in a range of digital skills. In return, PE who receive the digital training, will support their DM with resources and advice regarding pedagogical methods. The DMP platform will be a place where both DM and PE can register, meet and pair up and will also contain a rich database of digital tools and pedagogical advice where PE will be able to select and receive an Individual Master Class from their paired Mentor and vice-versa.

Project website:


  • CENTRE FOR EDUCATION, Manacor, Spain
  • LudusXR Aps, Odense NV, Denmark
  • Ricarda Huch Schule, Kiel, Germany
  • PRZEDSIEBIORCZOSCI, Rzeszów,  Poland
  • Zespol Szkol im ks. dra Jana Zwierza, Ropczyce, Poland