BRAND – Boosting youth towards Responsible and sustainAble choices in fashioN inDustry

BRAND – Boosting youth towards Responsible and sustainAble choices in fashioN inDustry

Implementation period: 01.09.2022 – 31.08.2024
Assistance program: ERASMUS+
Project number: 2021-2-AT01-KA220-YOU-000050104

Project description:

European Youth Strategy 2019-2027 acknowledges the crucial need to empower young people to start taking responsibility for their actions and impact on the life of future generations.Clothing industry is indissolubly related to this goal, having a significant impact on the environment. BRAND project aims to raise the awareness of young people on the themes of fast fashion and its severe impacts on the environment and provide youth workers with all the necessary material and tools in order to raise awareness, influence and empower young people towards more eco-friendly fashion choices for a greener and more sustainable fashion future, through the development of digital innovative tools and deliverables.

Target group

  • Youth workers, social workers, coaches and mentors of young people
  • Young people aged from 15 to 25

Project results

  • R1: BRAND ECO-FASHION Toolkit an interactive set addressed both to young people and youth workers and it will be presented under a PDF interactive format. Its two parts, “Be Aware” and “Be Prepared”, serve to deliver deep knowledge on the concept of eco-fashion to young people and youth workers and youth educators, while the context promotes the nurturing of ethical, ecological and sustainable mindsets towards the fashion industry.
  • R2: BRAND E – book will display case studies and best practices, influence and inspire target groups of the BRAND project.
  • R3: BRAND e – NFLUENCERS the digital role-model guide, will redound the consortium to meet its objectives presenting responsible, wise and green personas to be followed. Role models will have the power to influence young people to follow sustainable and responsible behaviors and will equip youth workers with knowledge on boosting such behaviors.
  • R4: BRAND Mobile App mainly will be addressed to young people, developing an interactive environment of knowledge (5R Library & Materials and Textiles sector) and will aim to cultivate young fashion customers and consumers with sustainable, ecofriendlier, mindsets towards more eco-conscious fashion decisions.


  • Sudwind – Vienna, Austria (coordinator)
  • Kainotomia – Larissa, Greece
  • Crossing Borders – Kopenhagen, Denmark
  • CWEP – Rzeszów, Poland
  • Danube 1245 – Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
  • MECB Ltd. – Iklin, Malta