Project Results Fair in Warsaw

On 10th October 2015, in Warsaw, the National Agency responsible for Erasmus+ Programme organised a Project Results Fair. Beneficiaries of the Erasmus programme who actively use the opportunities offered by the program were invited to the seminar. Association “Centre for Education and Enterprise Support” was represented by Radosław Pyrek.

The first part of the meeting was in the hands of National Agency staff, who underlined how important it is to disseminate the results of projects and what approach should be taken by the beneficiaries. They also explained what is expected from the beneficiaries as of to what should be included in the dissemination section of new applications and what is a dissemination strategy. Agnieszka Włodarczyk presented this part and a dissemination Platform for Erasmus+ Programme.

The second part, the workshops, were to activate the participants who were divided into six groups. Their task was to develop a strategy for the dissemination of projects in the local and international context, taking into account forms, techniques and marketing methods.

The workshops were a very good practice, which gave the opportunity to confront the knowledge and skills of the team, with different experiences in the field of dissemination of results.