NEETs Interviews at MWSE

On 1st October, 2015 Malopolska School of Economics in Tarnow held interviews for students who were interested in participating in free workshops in London.

The workshop will be held as a part of project activities in the Effective Training for NEETs (ET-NEETs) project implemented by the “Centre for Education and Enterprise Support” in Rzeszow. The institution covers the costs of the course, flight, accommodation and meals for students who have qualified after an interview. Workshop on: interpersonal communication; leadership; organizational skills; diversity of social life; entrepreneurship will be conducted by Teachsport. To participate in the workshop, students were to meet the following criteria: qualify as a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). These are people who do not continue their education (which may be part-time students), do not participate in vocational training and are not working; they should be at the age of 24 years or less and with level of English not lower than B1.