Open call for training in craft entrepreneurship!

Open call for training in craft entrepreneurship!

You are invited to participate in a training in Bulgaria (Blagoevgrad) 3-5 May 2023.

Apply for your participation by 10 March this year.

As part of the MicroHUB project, we will organize a training for crafters and microbusiness owners, with the aim to develop the entrepreneurial and digital skills of crafters and artisans from rural areas. The training will take place on 3-5 of May 2023, in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, and participants will travel on the 2nd and 6th of May 2023. The costs of the training will be covered by your host organization, which will also be your main contact point.


If you are a crafter who wants to start your own craft business or you are a craft entrepreneur of creativity microbusiness owner from rural area and want to update your already existing enterprise, then you should consider applying for this call.


During the training, you will be presented real-life situations and you will be invited to perform the practices learned. In addition, you will learn how to build the digital profile of your enterprise and you will practice social media and digital marketing techniques, that will help you promote your products to the customers. Last, you will face real financial situations of microbusinesses and you will be trained to perform appropriate techniques in each situation.

Specifically, during the training you will be presented the following thematics:

–              How to spot business opportunities.

–              How to conduct a SWOT and market analysis.

–              How to plan and organise a business within the wider value chain.

–              How to create and update a business plan.

–              How to manage and monitor your microbusiness.

–              Financial management of a craft microbusiness.

–              How to identify funding opportunities.

–              Networking with the use of digital tools.

–              E-commerce and social media platforms, as well as online content creation.

–              Ecological and ethical business practices.

–              How to create brand assets.

–              How to develop implement a social media strategy.



If this training is of your interest, then you can find below what are the requirements for participation:

– Direct involvement in the training and support for at least 2 years.

– Certification and B1 level of knowledge of English language (the training will be implemented in English).

– Willingness/planning to start your own business or already existing business.

– Representing one of the following groups: craft and handicraft entrepreneurs, creativity microbusiness owners and professionals from rural areas.

– Age requirements: over 25 years old.

– Living in one of the following countries: Slovakia, Ireland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Greece, Malta, or Poland.


To apply for this training, please contact the Polish project partner (CWEP) by sending an e-mail to .

Once your application is successful, you will be contacted. If you are not selected to participate in this training, please note that thanks to your application, we will contact you in the following months to offer you participation in an organised online training or a 20-hour online mentoring, all free of charge!


The MicroHUB project aims at developing innovative digital training solutions to enhance the effectiveness and competitiveness of crafters and artisans’ microenterprises, especially in the context of participation to national and EU markets. This will be achieved by developing relevant training solutions and material to strengthen the capacity of existing microenterprises and craft-type of enterprises to strive in the current economic environment. At the same time, the MicroHUB project is devoted to all those individuals who wish to establish their own creativity micro and craft-type enterprise as a response to a crisis or unemployment.