OPI project press release

OPI project press release

OPI – Open Innovation Competences for Responding to Modern Economic Challenges

The project for HR professionals and adult educators

Nowadays, many European citizens face high risk of unemployment due to fast changing requirements of the job market. Especially constant innovation related changes, new technologies or business models, create the need for fast adaptation and developing corresponding competences which are not immediately available at the job market.

On these terms, the European partnership of 5 organizations is working on OPI project with the aim to develop and test a comprehensive methodology and tools for requalification of human resources to obtain professional competences for those future oriented positions in open innovation scope.

The OPI partnership is strictly oriented on bringing high level expertise in the area of education and innovation and support for vulnerable groups and their support environment:

University of Piteşti (UPIT) – Romania /www.upit.ro/

E&D Knowledge Consulting – Portugal /www.ed-knowledgeconsulting.com/
Valencia INNO HUB – Spain /www.valenciainnohub.com/

WARP Innovation – Austria /www.warp-innovation.com/


Throughout the project work, the partnership will ensure the delivery of the necessary inputs by developing the results in phases called “intellectual outputs”:

IO1 – Report of the level of OI skills and abilities at local market

IO2 – Methodology and mechanism for building HR staff competencies to support OI competencies development

IO3 – Methodology and diagnostic tool for evaluating requalification potential

IO4 – OPI development program methodology and contents

IO5 – OPI Toolkit

IO6 – OPI Online platform

IO7 – OPI Piloting report

IO8 – Open Innovation re-qualification guide

Furthermore, the consortium will strongly encourage broad distribution and usage of the intellectual outputs among relevant experts as well as individuals providing their expertise and sharing the project results on piloting events, national events and the Final Conference in Romania.

Be updated with the latest news! We invite you to visit the website and learn more about OPI: www.opi-project.eu

You can also download the publication via this link.