WOT Final Conference

WOT Final Conference

The Final Conference of the WOT project took place in Rzeszow (Poland) on May 10th, 2019. The venue was the Regional Development Agency in Rzeszow. The conference started at 9:30 (registration) and ended at approximately 16:00 (closing speech).

The event was attended by representatives from the project’s target group, including institutions, mentors, trainers and local authorities working with disadvantaged social groups, such as women, minorities or people with physical disabilities.

The agenda was prepared in such a way to interest and provoke to reflection. It was divided into a few sessions, including speeches given by invited guests.

Main parts of the agenda included:

– Presentation of project objectives.

– Presentation of research results and the first output.

– Speeches by two project participants.

– Speech by a representative of local authority on supporting the inclusion of the disabled on the labour market.

– Presentation of research results and the third output.

– Speech by a representative of regional authority on the situation of the disabled persons on the labour market and the role of authorities/employees for the support of these persons.

– Speech by representative of the association of persons with hearing impairments on inclusive entrepreneurship.

The event was positively evaluated by its participants.