Digital – Z Women – Second Partner Meeting

Digital – Z Women – Second Partner Meeting

On 23rd and 24th June 2022 the second meeting of the #DigitalZWomen project partners was held in Copenhagen. The partners met face-to-face for the first time and discussed the project’s progress and upcoming activities during the two-day meeting.

DIGITAL Z-WOMEN is designed to empower women from Generation Z with digital entrepreneurship skills, helping them to take advantage of the opportunities raised by digital transformation and thrive in a world of work that is going digital quite fast, even more in the pandemic emergency we are dealing with.

The objectives of DIGITAL Z-WOMEN project and its partnership are to:

*identify role models to serve as good, ethical and reliable examples of digital entrepreneurs and the work they do;

*develop and test a bespoke training path on digital entrepreneurship for Gen-Z women, as well guidelines and tips to support VET professionals in facilitating training on the mentioned topics;

*develop a learning hub that provides Gen-Z women and the VET professionals that work with them with interactive, comprehensive and open-access learning opportunities.

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