CONVET E-tools –  First look

CONVET E-tools – First look

Convet E-tools is collection of tools and materials for pioneers. It was created to make process of finding key partner for companies easier and more organized.

Tool is divided into three ready to use parts:
1. Support for pioneers – includes:
a) Stakeholders Database – contains list of added organizations.
b) Pioneer Action Plan – independent tool which helps user to organize his actions regarding to all of stakeholders.
c) Activity reports – is strictly connected to Stakeholders Database tool. Activity report can be added only if at least one of stakeholder is added.
d) Reports – This section is summary of all inserted stakeholders and their activity reports.
2. VET Exchange – Vet Exchange tool is providing system of communication between all registered users. It’s working on standard internet forum rules.
3. ECVET Materials – ECVET Materials is nothing else like a e-book which contains ECVET Learning Materials.




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