BOOST Press Release 2

BOOST Press Release 2

BOOST Project: Global competence for advancing social inclusion and career path of vulnerable women comes to an end

Final Conference – 22nd September 2022 at 10am (CET)

This week the project team from Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Poland, and Italy will meet in Madrid for the International Conference of the BOOST Project taking place on 22nd September in Calle Industrias 73, Alcorcón, Madrid. The final conference will be an important event to highlight the importance of global competence particularly in relation to employability and the current labour market. At the event, the project partners will present an overview of the BOOST project, discuss the results and impact achieved and share our plans for the future next steps of the BOOST approach. It will also be an important occasion to share the opportunities that exist for the audience to engage with European Programmes, especially those with mobility elements, in order to experience the many cultures and learning and vocational options that exist across Europe.

As 21st century citizens, we live in an interconnected, diverse, and rapidly changing world. To cope with this complex environment, it is necessary to foster global competence and equip all, not only the adults of tomorrow, but also the adults of today, with the necessary know-how and tools to use global competence to further their employability and social inclusion. For this reason, we would like to recommend our two training programmes, one for professionals and one for vulnerable women from migrant backgrounds titled BOOST Global Competence MOOC to all readers, practitioners and interested parties. In support of the online courses, we also developed the BOOST Coaching Toolkit to support migrant women to strengthen their global competence and harness the benefits to boost their inclusion and employability. The implementation phase of the project has delivered a positive impact on our female participants, with the evaluation of these sessions clearly illustrating that through the regular coaching cycles, participants’ self-confidence, agency, employability skills, communication skills, labour market awareness and career goals improved.

We are very grateful and still amazed at how well and how successfully we were able to implement the project despite the Covid-19 pandemic. At this point, we would also like to thank the European Union once again for the funding and hope to see you on 22nd September at our closing event.

All the best from the BOOST Project Team!

Notes to the Editor:

BOOST is an Erasmus+ project focussed on fostering global competence development among vulnerable women in order to advance their social inclusion and career paths. BOOST was developed by a team of organisations from Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Poland, Ireland, and Turkey from September 2020 until September 2022. For more information on the BOOST project, please visit the project website.

Press Release prepared by Future in Perspective, Ireland on behalf of the Project Consortium. For more information on the project, please contact the local project partner.

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