„You can overcome barriers” – UPthEM project and its results

„You can overcome barriers” – UPthEM project and its results

We are happy to present you the second result of UPthEM project – the result is being finalised. Today we would like to invite you all to have a look at the content of that result: a series of motivational success video stories for aspiring entrepreneurs. Any barriers on our way to success can be overcame. It can be an easy step forward or, on the contrary, a long and monotonous process. However, we should keep moving forward in pursuing our dreams. Does it sound too optimistic to you? Well, it should not – today we provide you with proofs and present real life success stories of entrepreneurs from Poland. Definitely a ‘must see’ material!

‘If we WANT to change things we CAN do it’ UPthEM, Sylwia Błach


‘Don’t give up if you believe in your idea’ UPthEM, Konrad Ziaja