4.0 ANDCOM newsletter #2

4.0 ANDCOM newsletter #2

Welcome to the second 4.0 ANDCOM Newsletter.

In this first Newsletter we want to introduce the remaining 3 of the seven modules that will be developed as m-learning courses for Andragogs and that will be available within the tool “Industry 4.0 in teaching low-skilled adults”:

M1. Internet of things, in the context of pedagogical use in adult teaching.

M4. Robotics, which does not have to be difficult.

M6. Cloud computing, as the future for managing and storing data.

The rest of the modules have been introduced in the previous newsletter.

4.0 ANDCOM project focuses on the role of andragogs in the use of Industry 4.0 solutions.

More on our website: https://andcom.erasmus.site/

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